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How to pick an Escort?

When searching for an escort, you should base your decision on a few factors, not just one.

The criteria we’ll cover are: Pictures, Review boards, Communication and Presentation.

1) Pictures:

Make sure you’re looking at the real deal by using the : TinEye is a reverse image search engine that can trace images to the original source. This lets you know if the pictures were stolen from somewhere else, although sometimes TinEye can be tricked.


2) Reviews:

Most reputable escorts can be found on review boards. Using the escort’s name or last 4 digits of their phone number, you can often find valuable information about the escort. In a typical review, clients rate the escort on their looks, attitude and service. These reviews can help you find some amazing hidden gems but also save you from being ripped off.

3) Presentation:

An escort’s profession revolves around the process of advertising- detail and effort differentiates those who take their profession seriously, so be sure to evaluate how they present themselves in ads and on their website.

4) Communication:

You can tell a lot about an escort by the response they give you over the phone or through email. You judge other businesses by their timeliness and tone- this business is no different. Don’t waste your time with an escort who is rude over the phone or who can’t spare you a few minutes to answer your questions- looks aren’t everything in this industry.

5) Location:

Location, location, location… evaluate the places the escorts are working from and factor that into your decision.

6) Etiquette:

Once you have decided to see an escort and make an appointment:

-Be on time. Not late or early. Just on time.
-Arrive well groomed and showered. If the escort offers, take a second shower ALWAYS.
-Freshen up- when available, use mouthwash.
-Leave the donation in plain view of the escort in an unsealed envelope as soon as the date starts.
-Respect the escort’s boundaries. If you know their restrictions, do not push their limits.
-When in doubt, ask about services beforehand, do not assume.
-Do not ask the escort how many clients they see in a day or how much they earn- it’s none of your business.
-Do not ask an escort for their personal number.
-Do not stay past the time you paid and booked for.

-If you want to take an escort out for a date, expect to pay for their time unless they tell you otherwise. Remember, it is their job to make you feel like they are having a good time.

7) Have fun!

The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Be polite, respectful, and use the resources we have available here to find the escort who is right for you. With enough diligence and the use of our simple 7 steps you will be sure to find the escort of your dreams.

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